Festival Map:

Brzeg is a small and charming town in southern Poland. Ancient tenements filled with history constitute the perfect background for a tango festival.
However, we do realize that for many of you getting through to our festival might seem problematic and for that reason we want to propose a number of solutions in order to resolve any of your doubts and make your journey easier, faster, more pleasant… and affordable.

For our festival guests travelling from all over the country we suggest using a rail transport or bus transport.

Flixbus (Polski Bus) – national and international connections. A good idea might also be using Flixbus. It does not reach Brzeg directly, however it stops in Wrocław and Opole from where it is quite easy to get to us. It is also possible to find a connection from major cities in Europe so it might be a good solution for our foreign guests.

Aerobus – From the largest Polish airports, there is the option of traveling directly to Brzeg thanks to the services of the aerobus. All information is available on the website. The price of the transport depends on the number of applicants.

Wrocław- Brzeg
If you are trying to get to Brzeg from Wrocław Airport, just catch a bus living from the airport every 15-20 minutes and drive directly to Wrocław Główny railway station (30-40 min) from where you can take a train to Brzeg (about 30 minutes ride). Trains to Brzeg live approximately every 30 minutes. Even if you need to wait for the next one there are many facilities in the station building that can help you pass some time.
Information about buses from the airport here.
Information about train departure schedule here.
You can also get from the airport to train station by taxi. More details about available services here.
It is possible to rent a car at variety of rental companies located at the airport. This way you can get directly to Brzeg on your own. More information here.

Warszawa- Brzeg
If you are traveling to Brzeg from Warsaw Chopin Airport you do not have to worry about getting to the train station in the centre of the city because a variety of public transportation make it easy and fast. More info about bus transport here and train transport here.
You can also catch taxi from the airport to the train station. One way course costs about 40,-. More info here.
Train timetable here.
From Warsaw to Brzeg you can catch an Express Intercity Premium (Pendolino) train. It takes only 3 hours to get directly to Brzeg in very comfortable conditions. It is better to buy tickets earlier for better price.
Information about schedule and tickets here.

Kraków- Brzeg
There are few ways to get from Kraków Airport im. Jana Pawła II to the main train station from which you can catch a direct train to Brzeg.
Bus info here.
Train info here.
Taxi info here.
It is also possible to rent a car a travel directly both ways on your own. Info here.
A drive from Kraków to Brzeg by train takes about 3 hours. Train timetable here.

Katowice- Brzeg
You can catch a bus from Katowice- Pyrzowice airport to get to the main train station. Information about timetable and prices here.
Taxi info here.
Car rental info here.
You can catch a direct train to Brzeg from the main train station in Katowice. Train timetable here.

Have a nice and save travel! See you in Brzeg!